Tips to secure your Android Phone from Hackers

Tips to secure your Android Phone from Hackers

Mobile Phones are becoming more as a part of human life. Rather than simply helping us do our tasks mobiles are like our companion.

All our photos, endless chats, messages and everything we consider important are in our mobiles. Our mobiles act more like a repository of our data. But we are not sure whether our Android Mobiles are safe from the preying eyes of hackers or not.

Let us know from here various ways a hacker can hack your phone and to secure your phone from them.

Tips to secure Android Phone from Hacking

Don’t get Apps from Unknown Sources:

We all download apps from Google Play Store which is safe and recommended by Google. But some of us download apps from other sources in the form of apk files which are not safe for sure. We also get apps from our friends through Share-it. We trust our friends that they will not harm us. But do you know that any guy with simple technical knowledge can create apps that can spy on

We trust our friends that they will not harm us. But do you know that any guy with simple technical knowledge can create apps that can spy on you. Metasploit Framework is a tool for hacking which can use various exploits on various platforms. The hacker can create an app from this tool and attach it as a payload inside another app. He then makes you to install his app. By simply doing this he can do various things on your phone like taking photos and videos, recording audio, access your files and a lot without your concern and transfer them to him remotely. The sad part is that even latest android versions have no protection from it. So, prevent getting apps from unknown sources.

Android apps from unknown sources warning

Update your Android Phone regularly:

In our busy lives, we consider updates useless. But each update of the app or Rom comes with a lot of security patches and bug fixes that makes your phone more secure and faster too. So don’t forget to do the software updates regularly. Simply set auto-update option in Google Play Store and in your mobile settigs to get Rom updates.

Android New Update available

Prevent connecting to open WiFi networks:

We all love free WiFi. But we are not aware about various security risks connecting to open WiFi imposes. A hacker can create an open WiFi for people to connect and make phishing and Man In The Middle (MITM) attacks.

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These hacking techniques can get your credentials like username and password. So prevent connecting to open WiFi in the public places. If you need to connect for sure use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN network makes your network safe from hackers. To download VPN app go to the link below and see Express VPN

Open WiFi Symbol

Secure your Android Phone by using Anti-Virus:

There are a lot of Anti-Virus and security software available in the Play Store. Most of them provide enough security. Anti-Virus software makes recommended changes in your settings to make sure you are protected. They also provide recommendations to make your phone more secure. So make sure you have an antivirus installed in your phone.

Secure your Android Phone by using Anti-Virus

Secure your Android Phone by using lock screen password:

Most of us already use this feature. No security option is as simple as locking your phone by just using a lock-screen password or pattern. This is the most basic form of mobile security. Use a long password or complex pattern for more security. Android Nougat and above provide file level encryption. This provides more security by simply using inbuilt password and pattern lock features. So make sure you use this inbuilt feature.

Android Phone Lockscreen

Turn Off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS when not in use:

Some advanced hackers can even use WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS to hack your phone. New attacks like Blue Borne and KRACK makes it easy for Hackers to hack your phone. So turn  WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS when not in use. Also this reduces the battery usage and improves battery life.Turn Off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS when not in use:

Encrypting important data using Folder Lock:

Encrypting your data makes it difficult for hackers to easily access it. Encryption makes the files unable to open without correct password. Lot of apps are available in the Google Play Store for this purpose. Make sure you use a long password to make your data more secured.

Folder Lock

Backup your data:

Some hackers delete the data from the victim’s device to make loss. So backup your data regularly to make it available even without your device. Most android devices come with inbuilt backup features. Make sure you have enabled the backup feature in your mobile. Other apps for making backup are available in Google Play Store as well.Android Backup Image

These are the tips to make your Android Phone secured from Hackers. Do you have something to say? Tell us in the comment section below.





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