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Android Games Weekly: Top 5 Weekly Android Adventure Games December #1

Welcome to Android Games Weekly. Let’s have a look at the Top 5 weekly Android Adventure Games for the first week of December.

Adventure games have the taste of all categories and they are the best one to play. Their stories are breathtaking and full of thrillers. So here are the top 5 weekly android adventure games of December’s 1st week.

So, without waiting anymore, let’s dig into the world of android adventure games which you should definitely try once.

Android games weekly: Top 5 Weekly Android Adventure Games December #1

41148 adventure games41148

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Get it from the Play Store

41148 is a game with very unique and frightening story. It is like a gory horror film. This is the first game of developer Mahdi Fanaei for android and gaining more success in December.

This game is about a man who wakes up in a weird ruined building full of dead bodies and can’t remember his identity! So you should help him to find out that why he’s there and who is he!

In order to download the game, you can hit the Play Store or download it directly from the button above.

I am innocent top 5 android adventure gamesI Am Innocent

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Get it from the Play Store

I Am Innocent is developed by Twinaleblood who are also known for their thrilling games with full of suspense. After the success of their game ‘Who Is The Killer?’ they are back with another game with the spine-chilling story.

I Am Innocent is an original detective game with puzzle elements. Use realistic in-game phone calls, a messenger, computer hacking, photographs, and documents to investigate a series of murders with teenage victims. The killings are somehow connected to the disappearance of your sister many years ago. So Download this game and share your experiences in the comment section.

Desire Adventure gameDesire©

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Get it from the Play Store

Desire is a story about a boy name Desire who is color-blind from birth. He always wanted to be free because life never brought him much joy. The game contains 4 chapters, 50+ scenes, 40+ characters and a lot of riddles.

Is color at the end of the road? Figure it out and download this game from play store.

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LampHead top 5 adventure gameLampHead

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Get it from the Play Store

Lamp head is full of action and adventure. This is a story of a strange man with a lamp instead his head who needs to breach out of the dark forest at any cost.

Are you ready to prove that your reaction is outstanding, shunting between sharp barriers, collecting bonuses, remembering that at the end of every dark path the light of victory awaits?

the prison boy adventure gamesThe Prison Boys

Price: Free with in-app purchases
Get it from the Play Store

The Prison Boys is a mystery novel and escape-game. It’s a new genre that has both features of escape games and a novel. You will definitely enjoy this game if you love solving mysteries and puzzles.

The main character, Tetsu Akatsuki witnesses an incident in 12-Story Prison which is one of the hubs of Secret Policy The closer he gets to the truth, the more he finds that the dark of 12-Story Prison is deep. Holding your own sense of justice in mind, solve the mysteries together with your partner!

These were the top 5 Android Adventure games of the week. What are your thoughts about them? Do let us know in the comments section below.



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