Xiaomi Mi A1 Special Edition Red Color

Xiaomi’s Mi A1 Special Edition in Red Color Now Available in India

The Xiaomi Mi A1 was one of the most spectacular Android smartphones as far as the camera is concerned. The device certainly gained a lot of attention lately and has become one of the best Android smartphones in the mid-range segment.

This time, the company has planned to launch the Xiaomi Mi A1 Special Edition in India.

Beginning December 20, interested buyers would get a chance to buy the special Red color variant of the device from Xiaomi’s official website and Flipkart.

The offer comes as a part of Xiaomi’s “No. 1 Fan Sale” which is going to take place in the country. To celebrate a highly successful year of tremendous sales in India, the company is anticipating to hit the final nail by celebrating the sale. There are a lot of Xiaomi smartphones which are going to get some price cuts the details of which are mentioned at the end of the post.

Coming to the special edition of the Mi A1, there is nothing extra in here. The only difference between the special edition and the regular variant of the device is the color. Rest of the specifications tend to remain the same and so does the price too. That means you are going to get a 5.5-inch Full HD display, with a 5 MP camera up front and dual 12 MP cameras around the back. Under the hood, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 chipset and 4 GB of RAM power the phone.

Having used the Mi A1 for a considerable amount of time now, we can vouch for the Special Edition of the device as well. The A1 won’t be considered a powerhouse of a smartphone by any means, but it simply gets the job done. There is not much to complain about in here. The added Red color makes it all the way better.

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