upcoming iphone with under display camera

[Exclusive]: After LG, Samsung, Oppo, Apple also aims for an under-display camera smartphone

Under-display camera smartphones are soon going to be the next big thing in the world of Android and, as it turns out, Apple does not want to stay away from the upcoming craze either.

The company has recently filed a patent for an upcoming iPhone which will reportedly feature an under-display front camera in order to get rid of the much-dreaded notch and provide for a real bezel-less display experience.

upcoming iphone with under display camera

Previous developments: A couple of weeks ago, we got to know that Samsung is working on launching a smartphone with an under-display front camera. Soon after that, reports suggesting that Oppo is also working on a similar smartphone of its own popped up on the internet. Post that, LG joined in as well with a patent of its own.

Though it is rather unusual for Android Updated to post about Apple products, Letsgodigital was motivating enough for this latest scoop of intel which led us to cover the news.

On November 8, 2018, the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) published a patent from Apple Inc. for a ‘camera integrated window’. The patent was applied for in June this year and is very technical and detailed.

A smartphone is described with a hole in the display for the camera lens. The camera hole is placed in the top right of the device. There is no talking about sensors under the display. The patent only deals with the entire assembly process.

upcoming iphone with under display camera patent images

The cover glass will be made of a different material, which is stronger and transparent. For example, aluminum silicate glass, such as Corning’s DVTS. This would, therefore, be a replacement for the Gorilla Glass that has been used by Apple since the original 2007 iPhone.

upcoming iphone with in display camera

Apple and Corning have a relationship that goes back many years, also in the area of AR, they have found a partner in each other. This year, Apple invested $ 200,000 million in Corning, for Research & Development and equipment purchases.

It is, therefore, likely that new innovation from Corning will be the first to be admired in an Apple iPhone, after which other smartphone manufacturers will also switch.

The patent refers to several older specimens, the first patent related to this subject dates from January 2012. Such innovations do not come from day to day.

To know more about the patent, you can head to Letsgodigital.

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