upcoming quad notch smartphones

[Exclusive]: Smartphones with quad notches might be the next thing

The year 2018 has seen plenty of innovation when it comes to Android. The year started off with those 18:9 aspect ratio smartphones which used to be called “bezel-less” back then. Almost all the smartphone manufacturers have been trying their level best to shrink down the bezels as much as possible ever since.

So far, the best (or the worst) thing the companies have been able to pull off are notches. Love it or hate it, notches are here to stay for almost a couple of more years.

Keeping that in mind, the recent report shared with Android Updated team by Letsgodigital brings in an entirely new possibility with notches. As per the website, a German engineer has recently patented a symmetrical smartphone with four notches in the display. A quad notch display is something totally unheard of and will surely be interesting to watch in real.

upcoming quad notch smartphones

In June 2018 Dipl. Ing. Lothar Pantel filed a patent with the USPTO on behalf of Inodyn NewMedia GmbH for a front-facing camera and a maximized display screen of a mobile device. The patent was published on October 25, 2018, and describes a full-screen smartphone with a quad notch. In addition, a smartphone with a dual notch is shown, this device has a small bezel on the bottom.

The patented smartphone has a display with rounded corners. The four notches are symmetrically placed from each other, in all corners of the device. Alternatively, a smartphone is shown with two notches, which are positioned left and right at the top.

upcoming quad notch smartphone features

As already established, companies like Samsung have already started working on incorporating the front cameras of the device within the display. The problem with this arrangement, however, is the fact that it would decrease the image quality as the light would reflect through the display, thereby making the images blurry (probably).

The patent then describes at which locations the selfie camera(s) can be placed. Different variants are shown. For example, it is possible that the front camera is placed in the top left corner and an LED indicator and a light sensor are integrated into the upper right corner.

As an alternative, there is the talk of a double selfie camera, which makes stereoscopic 3D photos and videos possible. In such a case, the cameras are placed above and to the left. It is also possible that one camera contains a standard lens and the other a wide-angle lens, for group parties.

Between the two notches at the top of the screen, space is created in the thin screen edge for an ear speaker. In addition, the patent describes the possibility of placing the loudspeaker under the display.

The smartphone design with quad notches has a fingerprint scanner at the bottom right, the notch on the bottom left side can, for example, be used for a UV sensor, to measure ultraviolet light. One of the indentations can also be used for the integration of an LED flash or for example an infrared LED, which enables face detection or is used to provide the camera with face tracking or eye tracking.

upcoming quad notch smartphone design and release date

The patent also caters to the various problems which might arise with a quad notch setup when it comes to reading texts. For example, text can be centered or the top content is displayed slightly narrower so that all text can still be displayed on the full-screen display. For example, videos viewed in landscape mode are aligned in the middle of the display, with a narrow black border at the top of a bottom.

You can find out an in-depth coverage of the smartphone by following Letsgodigital.

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