Odin - World's First Projection Mouse

Top 5 Tech Gadgets You Didn’t Know Existed

In today’s Modern Tech Era, Gadgets are something which modify our way of living.

Though we are surrounded by many gadgets, despite these there are many futuristic tech gadgets available today on our computers that we don’t know about there existence.

You need not worry, we’ve got you covered.

Welcome to Android Updated, and today we are counting down our picks for the top five computer gadgets that you must have.

1. HUB+

Hub+ Gadgets

The Hub+ Connects all your devices to MacBook.

Hub+ is compact and durable so can take it with you. Charge up your phone, no matter where you are. It allows devices to charge through a Hub or docking station where the Type-C device acts as a USB data.


  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • SDXC Card Reader
  • Aluminium Alloy Body
  • USB-A + Charging
  • USB-C


Sliden'joy Gadget

Sliden’njoy: A device that gives your Laptop two additional Portable Screens. You can add one or two 13, 15 or 17-in full HD, thin and lightweight screens to your laptop even when you’re on the go.

The displays, which work for both Mac and PC, can rotate freely by up to 180 degrees thanks to the aluminum hinges, doubling or tripling the virtual real estate for work, business meetings, media editing or more immersive gaming.

Users can set up the Sliden’Joy by magnetically attaching it to the back of their laptop screen, sliding out the extra monitor(s) and connecting the device to their laptop via either a single USB 3.0 or two USB 2.0 ports.



A device which is far more advanced than a simple mouse.

Odin - World's First Projection Mouse

Odin is the god of war in Norse mythology holding the spear in his hand which flashes a lightning strike on the land of mankind.

The device keeps aside the existing appearance and limitations of a traditional computer mouse. The cutting-edge technology of Odin detects reflection signals with InfraRed censors instead of traditional cameras So that Odin has higher resolution. This makes laser projection mouse suitable for designers, office workers and for video gamers.

Odin not only breaks through traditional limitations but is also lightweight and can be easily packed in a bag. It’s a good portable trackpad. Just plug it and you’ll be able to use Odin anywhere, anytime.

Controls Specifications

  • Laser Projection Display
  • Interaction LED Lightning
  • USB Connector 5v 500mA
  • Infrared Sensor for Signal Detection
  • 90 Degree Infrared Beam



ZCAN: The World’s 1’st Wireless Scanner Mouse: Simply Swipe to scan to Excel.

The device is small and portable, gives users more freedom ever before. It’s the ultimate solution for working anywhere with just a click. Anything you scan can display on your computer instantly. Work smart and increase your efficiency with scan wireless.

Scan anything, anytime, anywhere. It can even scan text with very small fonts.

Just swiping Scan wireless over travel book and magazines and plan the ultimate itinerary in one scan. Found something worth sharing with your friends, simply swipe it and share it on the go.

Zcan Wireless is the must-have gadget for anyone with an iPad, MacBook, tablet or laptop. Imagine being able to easily back up your receipts, contracts, documents, and photos anywhere, anytime. Zcan Wireless is just as simple as painting as all you need to do is swipe back and forth! Plus, you can quickly edit in word or excel straight away. 

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5. Leap Motion

leap motion gadget

Leap Motion: Motion Controller

Reach into new worlds with the all-new Leap Motion technology. Leap Motion, Inc. is an American company that manufactures and markets a computer hardware sensor device that supports hand and finger motions as input, analogous to a mouse, but requires no hand contact or touching.

The Leap Motion Controller lets you use your computer in a whole new way. Reach out and swipe, grab, pinch, or punch your way through the digital world. It tracks your hands at up to 120 frames per second using infrared cameras giving you a 135° field of view with roughly 8 cubic feet of interactive 3D space.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows® 7/8 or Mac® OS X 10.7
  • AMD Phenom II or Intel® Core, i3/i5/i7 processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • USB 2.0 port


  • Leap Motion Orion software, SDK, and setup guide available at developer.leapmotion.com

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