Android Gadgets: 5 Cool Gadgets For Smartphones October #3

Android Gadgets: 5 Cool Gadgets For Smartphones October #3

Hey fellas! Time to talk about smarter smartphones. Smarter smartphones? Yes! Your smartphones + a few cool gadgets are what makes your phone smarter.

Usually, one uses a smartphone to click pictures, browse social networks, play games, listen to music and so-so, but that is not what smartphones are just for. We do need to use our phones as smart peeps.

So without much adieu, let’s add 5 cool gadgets to our list and see what smartphones can actually do.

Android Gadgets: 5 Cool Gadgets For Smartphones October #3


It’s time to have a robot at home!

#1 cool gadgets for smart phones on android updated

Botiful is an Android-powered robot revolutionizing the way you communicate with distant people. It’s the first consumer telepresence robot, with Skype as a simple interface you or your friends can control the robot and be remotely present from anywhere in the world.

Just plug in your smartphone to Botiful, the robot, and you can move it anywhere and
communicate with any human using the minimalistic Skype interface.

#1 cool gadgets for smart phones on android updated

The best part according to me is that with this feet-sized robot you can reach everywhere even where your big human body can not.

This cool gadget costs around $199.00


Time to go fishing!

#2 Deeper: cool gadgets for android updated

Have you ever imagined that your smartphone can detect fish underwater? Deeper makes the impossible possible.

The magic is made possible by the Friday Labs sonar that can detect movement of fish within a 50 m radius, and reflects its a catch on your smartphone’s screen. The best thing for tech-savvy fishermen. This one costs around $149.00.


Let’s bring the movie theater to your home.The Smartphone Projector

The Smartphone Projector is a charmingly lo-fi way to share your phone’s screen. Just place any smartphone that will fit into the cardboard box and the lens enlarges the image by up to eight times! The whole thing is made from cardboard and glass, its ultra-portable, totally wireless, and uses no additional power.

  • Box dimensions: 7″ x 6.75″ x 4.
  • Magnifies up to 8x
  • Works with any smartphone or iPod smaller than 3.2″ x 6.2″

This very cool gadget costs around $19.00 to $40.00


Let’s go micro..Zoom in!

#4. cool gadget on android updated

The skylight could connect your smartphone camera to a supported microscope, and let you capture microscope photographs.

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It is really a simple device derived to solve a simple problem: how to keep your smartphone still enough to take high-quality photos through a microscope. So, holding your cell phones up to the microscopes is now over with SkyLight. This simple but cool gadget costs around $65.00


Many cards in your wallet?? Nah!! A Geode.

#4 cool gadget for smartphone on MyceliumWeb

And the last one on my list of cool gadgets is GEODE. Geode converts all your physical credit cards, loyalty cards, and membership cards into digital information. To use the cards, you can transfer the card information to the provided Geode card temporarily with just a flick. This cool gadget, or call it as your digital wallet costs around $159.00.

These were the top 5 cool gadgets which you can buy. What are your thoughts about them? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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