samsung galaxy s10 lineup infinity v display features

[Exclusive]: Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup will come with an Infinity-V display

Samsung is soon going to launch its upcoming flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup pretty soon. So far, we have received plenty of intel on the lineup.

Now, a new report has popped up on the internet which has revealed that Samsung Electronics has filed a trademark with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) on October 26, 2018. It is a trademark application for ‘Samsung Infinity-V’. The application is categorized as classification 09. This includes ‘smartphones and displays for smartphones’.

samsung galaxy s10 lineup infinity v display

We already knew that Samsung is trying to do something about the design makeover with the upcoming S10 lineup of smartphones as we have seen two iterations of the company’s flagship devices with the same Infinity Display concept. The new Infinity-V display will reportedly give room for more screen estate.

The report has been provided to Android Updated by Letsgodigital and the website has not denied that probability that the aforementioned Infinity-V display could be incorporated in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone.

“Letsgodigital” Although it is of course also possible that this is the display name of the foldable smartphone, this device will also be presented shortly. Since this screen will be foldable, it is logical that Samsung has a different name for this type of screen. By calling it Infinity-V, it would still look very similar to the current high-end models from Samsung. On November 7, 2018 the Samsung Developer Conference will start in Moscow. By that time we hope to hear more about Samsung’s foldable phone.

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