samsung galaxy j2 dash and galaxy j2 pure full specifications, features, and mre

Samsung Galaxy J2 Dash and Galaxy J2 Pure: Everything you need to know

Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core a couple of months ago. The device is the company’s first-ever Android Go-powered smartphone and is essentially a budget device.

Now, the company has filed a patent for two new smartphones which are going to be the international variants of the Galaxy J2 Core – Samsung Galaxy J2 Dash and Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure.

samsung galaxy j2 dash and galaxy j2 pure full specifications, features, and mre

The two new variants will be made available in the US through certain carriers.

Halfway through this year, the budget smartphone was only launched in India and Malaysia for less than $ 100. Samsung announced during the introduction that the phone would also be released in other countries at a later date. Yesterday, the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core was approved by the American inspection authority FCC. You may also assume that this device will soon be officially released in America. Possibly the Android Go smartphone also comes to Europe. First of all, the patent describes the required parts and the manufacturing process of the smartwatch. The illustrations show a round design with a transparent touchscreen display, placed above the analog hands. In addition, there is a crown on the right side. Next, the documentation describes which operating options this hybrid smartwatch offers.

samsung galaxy j2 dash full features

Coming to the specifications of the device, the Galaxy J2 Core is going to sport a standard 16:9 aspect ratio display which is kind of expected with the device of this sort.

There will be a standard USB 2.0 charging port and a 3.5mm headphone jack will make its way as well.

samsung galaxy j2 core manual images

The device is a dual SIM handset and there is no SIM tray at the sides. One gets a traditional SIM slot at the inside meaning that the battery is removable. This might be a good news for some, but keep in mind that hot swapping the SIM cards is not going to be possible with the Samsung Galaxy J2 Core.

samsung galaxy j2 core removable battery

There is also a microSD card slot available which means that you can expand the rather tiny 16GB of internal storage. At the back, one can find a single camera along with an LED flash.

To know more about the specifications of the device, you can head to our existing coverage of the same. To know more about the patent, you can head to Letsgodigital.

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