samsung galaxy f foldable smartphone full details

Samsung Galaxy F: Model numbers of the foldable smartphone revealed

Samsung is reportedly going to launch the first-ever foldable smartphone during the Samsung Developers Conference on November 7.

The company is going to hold a two-day conference in San Francisco which is going to be called the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC). The event will take place from November 7 to November 8 and will focus on Samsung’s upcoming software innovations, AI, and IoT products. That said, the world of Android will be more curious to see the first preview of the foldable smartphone which is also going to make its way to the SDC.

So far, the information about the device is pretty scarce. Finally, we have started getting solid news as the model numbers of the upcoming device have recently popped up on the internet.

samsung galaxy f foldable smartphone full details

As per the report, the Samsung Galaxy F (or the Samsung Galaxy X) will have the model number SM-F900U. The software build of the device has also been revealed – F900USQU0ARJ5.

Furthermore, the report suggests that the device will have a customized version of Android and won’t run on the regular Experience UI which is kind of taken as it will have a pretty unique aspect ratio.

The device will have a lot of productive features and won’t be just a mere marketing gimmick. He, however, also pointed out that developing a device of such sorts is a fairly cumbersome process.

Samsung is facing a stiff competition when it comes to foldable smartphones as companies like Lenovo and Huawei have also started developing their own foldable smartphones.

As of now, there is no word on the official specifications and the price of the device, but we already know that the device will be priced somewhere around $1800.

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