Pixel Buds VS AirPods

Google Pixel Buds VS Apple AirPods

The Two Rivals Are Back In The Market

After announcing the second round of its very own Pixel phones, Google has recently expanded its small universe of “Made by Google” hardware.

One of the new entries in this arena is the Pixel Buds.

The Pixel Buds are, by far, the most future-ready earbuds which provide top-notch user experience and are definitely worth investing your hard-earned dollars.

Pixel buds AirPods

Just like Apple, Google has also bid adieu to the headphone jacks in its new range of Smartphones, hence selling a pair of its own wireless headphones makes sense. They’re even priced exactly the same as the AirPods, at $159. Still, there are a plenty of differences between the Pixel Buds and the AirPods that are worth elucidating at the outset.



Both Pixel Buds and the AirPods come with a five-hour battery backup and come with a carrying case that can recharge them four times. The only advantage going to the AirPod’s smaller size, a more easily pocketable case.


Just like the AirPods, Pixel Buds use an open-air design which means they sit placed against, not in your ear. This lets you hear a more ambient noise, which is good if you don’t wish to get too isolated, but bad in terms of sound quality. The advantage here in this category goes to the Pixel Buds because of the adjustable fit of their cloth cord which can actually slide up through a loop in each bud to fit into your earlobe. Here’s a GIF which shows how they fit.

gif pixel bus

Connection and Compatibility:

Although their connectivity is not as good and fast as the AirPods, Google has assured that the Pixel Buds are much faster to connect than normal Bluetooth headphones. The Assistant feature works on any Assistant-enabled Android device. The language translation is exclusive to Pixel Buds when used with a Pixel phone. So they’re similar to the AirPods, not offering the complete experience when using them with other phones. Still, a few more features travel with the Pixel Buds than the AirPods.


Here too, the Pixel Buds take the lead. They offer a bit more control than the AirPods. The single tap feature allows to play and pause music, double tap to read out the notifications, and the more innovative idea, you just need to swipe across the earphones to adjust volume, though these features are limited to the right earbud, still they surpass the AriPods as there are only single tap controls on them, and they don’t have much surface area available for that as the Pixel Bods do.


This is probably the most talked about feature of the Pixel Buds, and can potentially be the sole reason to surpass the AirPods in the market, but only if it works. What Google is saying, is that the Pixel Buds are capable of doing a real-time translation. An idea like this often comes in the over commit- under delivering category in this form factor of tech companies

The idea behind this is that you tap and hold on the Pixel Buds, speak, and then the translated speech will come out of your Pixel phone’s speakers. The person you’re talking to speaks back into the phone, and you hear them in your native language. Nevertheless, it’s a great idea that Google can quickly iterate on. Google also assures that the feature would support 40 different languages. Although there’s a good chance that the first attempt at this earphone translation won’t work, it’s something that Apple has not done yet with the Air Pods.


Although both the devices are wireless, the Google’s Pixel Buds have a wire running between them. AirPods don’t have this because they’re what we’ve taken to calling a “truly wireless earphones”. This is totally up to you, the users. Many people don’t really like the idea of truly wireless buds because there is a very high chance of losing them, you see Pixel Buds are more convenient to use as they can easily drape around your neck when not in use. Others like the futuristic and independent feel of the AirPods and might not even consider Pixel Buds to be in the same category as AirPods.

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The better one

The better one isn’t? Just kidding.

These two products are going to be endlessly compared in the coming months. We just wanted to bring out the difference and similarities between the two. It’s fascinating to see Google moving into this space, we behold many expectations form the company in the coming future. We’ll definitely have a full review of both the devices in the coming future, so keep an eye out and follow yogeshm6.sg-host.com!



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