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Firefox Focus Latest Update: Added Autocomplete and More Search Engines

Firefox Focus:

Firefox Focus, the privacy-focused internet browser launched by Mozilla last year has got a substantial update lately.

This time, the company aims to double down the productivity of the browser by providing you faster access to your most favorite websites with the help of an autocomplete option. Moreover, now you can even add any search engine to the Firefox Focus of your choosing.

This way, you don’t have to keep on typing the entire URL of a webpage, the browser would auto-fill the URL once you start typing it. Again, this is not something unique and all the major browsers provide you with this basic utility. But seeing it on the Focus now is all the way a delight.

Today, we’re introducing a new feature: quicker access to your most visited sites, as well as the ability to add any search engine to your Focus app. They were the most requested items from our users and are aligned with our goals on what makes Focus so great.
We know our users want choice and miss the convenience of having their favorite websites and search engines at their fingertips, but they don’t want to sacrifice their privacy. Since the moment we’ve built Focus, our goal has been to get our users quickly to the information and sites all while keeping their data safe from unwanted targeting.


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Firefox Focus Updated:

After enabling the autocomplete feature, Focus can tap into over 450 most popular URLs available on the web and auto-fill them. If you happen to use a website that is not on the list, the browser would add it automatically.

If, however, you do not want this feature, you can disable it too.

In addition to this, there is also a custom search engine option provided. Using this feature, you can look up anything on a certain website without having to open it and scroll through it. This is a pretty neat feature in itself and we appreciate Mozilla for introducing it.

If you have not used Firefox Focus till now or if you do not even know what it is, Firefox Focus is essentially a browser which provides the user with the ability to block ads, analytics, social trackers, and a lot of privacy based features which you might not want at times. You get the ability to erase all your browsing history at the tap of a button every time you close the browser.

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In order to download Firefox Focus, you can hit the button given below:

Download it from here






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  1. […] Firefox Focus is a relatively new browser which intends to provide a secure browsing experience. Any session in the Firefox Focus browser is essentially in privacy mode. You can delete your entire browsing history with just a single tap. The integrated ad-blocker in the Firefox Focus takes care of those annoying spammy ads and provides you with a healthy, intrusion-free browsing experience. Firefox Focus is simply one of the best browsers for Android if privacy and security is a concern for you. […]

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