how to read whatsapp messages without double tick

The best Android mods to make your Android smartphone ultra-amazing

If you are reading this post, chances are highly likely that you own an Android device. If you do, let’s make it better.

Welcome to Android Updated. Here’s a list of the best Android mods that you can make use of to make your Android smartphone (or tablet) ultra-amazing. The download links are given at the end of the descriptions.

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Best Android mods: Android Updated picks

eqfy best android mod to tweak the volume of android smartphones

  • Volume Control
  • Frost
  • Edge Volume Control
  • Eqfy
  • Unseen
  • Assistant Shortcuts
  • Touchbar

Volume Control

best android mods of 2018 to make your smartphone amazing

Volume Control is a handly little tool which sits right above your navigation menu and you can adjust your smartphone volume from there. It can particularly turn out to be useful if you have somehow damaged your physical volume rocker.

Furthermore, in case your smartphone is lying at an awkward position or the volume buttons are somehow not accessible, Volume Control can turn out to be pretty useful.

It adjusts the device’s overall volume and does not separate the different volumes (notification, media etc).

You do not have to root your smartphone in order to use this app.
You can download Volume Control from the button below.
Download Volume Control for free


best android mods frost apk download for free

Frost is probably the best solution when it comes to browsing privately on the internet via your Android device. The app takes private browsing to a whole new level with features no other mobile browser can provide.

Frost is the best private tabbed web browser for Android, with a hidden, password protected image and bookmark vault as well as extensive privacy features.

Download Frost for free

Edge Volume Control

edge volume control best productivity app for samsung galaxy s9, s9 plus, note 9, note 8, and other samsung devices

Edge Volume Control, sadly, is restricted to smartphones having an edge display. If you own a flagship Samsung smartphone, this might turn out to be useful in case you still make use of the edge display.

Edge Volume Control, as the name suggests, gives you the control over your device volume right from the edge panel. No matter which part of the UI you are on, you can control the volume using this small app. Just like Volume Control, Edge Volume Control app might particularly turn out to be useful in case your volume buttons are damaged.

Download Edge Volume Control for free


eqfy best android mod to tweak the volume of android smartphones

Eqfy is a global equalizer for your Android smartphone and is one of the best mods available out there in case you are a media junkie. It works on almost every music and video app available in the Android ecosystem and unlike other equaliezers, all you need to do is to customize your sound preference once and for all.

Download Eqfy for free


how to read whatsapp messages without double tick

You were offline? But you checked my WhatsApp message and still did not respond.

Ever faced this situation? Maybe plenty of times.

Unseen might not be a mod for everyone, but it is certainly going to be a God-gift for those who want to check an incoming message without letting the sender know that they have read the message.

Unseen could be the one single solution to a lot of problems. I’ve frequently been asked by a lot of readers as to which app is the best to hide those much-dreaded WhatsApp double ticks. Unseen is the answer to all that.

Once installed, Unseen will collate all the messages from your social media and allow you to read them without the sender knowing it.

Download Unseen for free

Assistant Shortcuts

assistant shortcuts apk download for free

With Assistant Shortcuts, it’s possible to adjust your assistant button on your phone to a command. You can, for example, view your notifications by calling your assistant. This app makes it easy for people with disabilities to perform actions without reaching the top of the screen. Assistant Shortcuts app was developed in mind after OnePlus added the functionality of activating Google Assistant from the power button.

You can map the button to almost any combination. You can use it to turn the flagshlight on or you can use it to open up any app that is available on your device.

Download Assistant Shortcuts for free

TouchBar for Android

touchbar for android mod download for free

TouchBar for Android is a bottom bar inspired from TouchBar for iOS that helps you control settings like WiFi, cellular data, Google Assistant, volume, WhatsApp, flashlight etc right above your navigation bar. All you have to do is to swipe up from your navigation bar and the app pops up.

Download TouchBar for free

These are the best Android mods available that you must try out. What are your thoughts on them? Do let us know in the comments section down below. Also, do not forget to subscribe to Android Updated. To do so, just tap the bell icon at the bottom of your device screen.




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